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Highbury & Islington
Highbury & Islington station building.JPG
Highbury & Islington is located in Greater London
Highbury & Islington
Highbury & Islington
Location of Highbury & Islington in Greater London
Location Highbury & Islington
Local authority London Borough of Islington
Managed by London Underground[1]
Station code HHY
Number of platforms 7
Fare zone 2
London Underground annual entry and exit
2008 Decrease 13.730 million[2]
2009 Increase 14.327 million[3]
2010 Decrease 13.940 million[4]
2011 Increase 16.26 million[5]
2012 Increase 16.77 million[5]
National Rail annual entry and exit
2007–08 Decrease 4.751 million[6]
— interchange  Increase 0.137 million[6]
2008–09 Decrease 4.173 million[6]
— interchange  Decrease 0.124 million[6]
2009–10 Increase 5.668 million[6]
— interchange  Increase 0.174 million[6]
2010–11 Increase 7.625 million[6]
— interchange  Increase 0.319 million[6]
2011–12 Increase 11.801 million[6]
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Coordinates: 51°32′45″N 0°06′18″W / 51.5458°N 0.1050°W / 51.5458; -0.1050

Highbury & Islington station is a National Rail, London Overground and London Underground station, in the London Borough of Islington in North London. It serves the suburbs of Highbury and Islington. The name is often shortened to simply Highbury.

The station is on the Underground's Victoria Line, between Finsbury Park and King's Cross St. Pancras. It is also on the National Rail North London Line and Northern City Line. It is in Travelcard Zone 2.

Finsbury Park to Highbury & Islington
BSicon .svg BSicon .svg BSicon .svg CONTg BSicon .svg BSicon .svg BSicon .svg
East Coast Main Line Aiga railtransportation 25.svg
STRg BSicon .svg BSicon .svg BHF BSicon .svg BSicon .svg STRf
Finsbury Park Aiga railtransportation 25.svg Victoria roundel1.PNG Piccadilly roundel1.PNG
ABZgl STR+r STR+l ABZglr STR+r STR+l ABZgr
Junctions with Canonbury
Curve and Northern City Line
CONTf STRg tSTRa BSicon .svg tSTRa STRf BSicon .svg
towards King's Cross Aiga railtransportation 25.svg
BSicon .svg STRl tKRZ STRgq tKRZ ABZg+r BSicon .svg
BSicon .svg BSicon .svg tSTRe BSicon .svg tSTRe STR BSicon .svg
BSicon .svg BSicon .svg STRl ABZ+lr STRr STR BSicon .svg
BSicon .svg BSicon .svg BSicon .svg CSTRag BSicon .svg STR BSicon .svg
BSicon .svg BSicon .svg BSicon .svg HST BSicon .svg STR BSicon .svg
Drayton Park Aiga railtransportation 25.svg
BSicon .svg BSicon .svg utCONTg CSTRef BSicon .svg STR BSicon .svg
BSicon .svg BSicon .svg utSTR tSTRa BSicon .svg STR BSicon .svg
CONTgq STRq umtKRZ tKRZ STR+r tSTRa BSicon .svg
BSicon .svg BSicon .svg utCPICl tCPICm CPICr tSTRe BSicon .svg
Highbury & Islington
BSicon .svg BSicon .svg utSTR tSTR ABZg+l STRr BSicon .svg
Canonbury Curve
BSicon .svg BSicon .svg utCONTf tSTR STR BSicon .svg BSicon .svg
Victoria Line Victoria roundel1.PNG
BSicon .svg BSicon .svg BSicon .svg tCONTf STR BSicon .svg BSicon .svg
Northern City Line Aiga railtransportation 25.svg
BSicon .svg BSicon .svg BSicon .svg BSicon .svg CONTf BSicon .svg BSicon .svg
North London Line London Overground
Plan of Deep platforms at Highbury & Islington showing changes for the opening of the Victoria Line

Future[change | change source]

In 2010 Highbury & Islington will become the new northern terminus of phase one of the East London Railway extension, which will be operated as part of London Overground.

Islington Council is currently considering redeveloping the site of the current station, and Highbury Corner generally, including possibly covering over the North London Line tracks and building an office block above the site..

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Victoria line (London Underground)[change | change source]

Great Northern (First Capital Connect)[change | change source]

North London Line (London Overground)[change | change source]

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