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Directed by Prashast Singh
Produced by Prashast Singh
Screenplay by Prashast Singh
Story by Prashast Singh
Starring Prashast Singh
Music by Prashast Singh
Cinematography Prashast Singh
Editing by Prashast Singh
Studio Prashast Singh Presentations
Release date(s) 19 October 2017 (2017-10-19)
Running time 30 minutes[1]
22 minutes (Director's Cut)
Country India
Language Hindi
Budget INR0

Himaang is a 2017 Indian action adventure film written and directed by Prashast Singh[2], starring Prashast himself in the lead titular role. The film revolves a person who has already sought revenge in life and embarks on an adventurous journey to relieve himself but soon his life runs into danger when the man he had sought revenge on, appears wherever he goes. Made on a zero budget, the film was shot in different Indian states: Uttarakhand, Jammu and Kashmir, Odisha and Uttar Pradesh. A book titled Himaang: Making of the film was also written by Prashast Singh in which apart from narrating his journey of making the film, he also presents his views on cinema and describes his vision behind certain scenes in the film. It was released on 10 July 2017[3] The film's official merchandise was also released via Paintcollar.[4] As a part of the film's promotional activity, there was no trailer but only a teaser released for the film. The OST of the film includes sounds of train, airplane, boat & sea waves, and a theme track made through such sounds.[5]

The film was released digitally on 19 October 2017 via YouTube and Amazon Prime Video, coinciding with the India festival Diwali in India, the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Japan.[6][7] It received positive response from viewers and went on to become Prashast Singh's highest viewed film on YouTube.[8] It was also screened at the 2018 Chambal International film festival on 10 March 2018.

Plot[change | change source]

Himaang (Prashast Singh) is on his trip to Vaishno Devi and while returning to Haridwar, he sees someone in the train. A fight breaks in, but soon Himaang finds no one to be there. As the train departs, another fight takes place in which he throws the man out of the train when it crosses a railway bridge. The train reaches Haridwar in a day and upon arrival Himaang talks to himself about how revenge turned out to be painful for him. It was the man he had sought revenge on, who was appearing wherever he went. Himaang plans to leave the city and travel to New Delhi to find out something regarding this. Once again, he sees the man and gets chased by him after which he instantlyleaves for New Delhi via a bus.

Upon arriving in New Delhi, Himaang finds no solution and decides to board a train to Agra, where he would actually come to know what's actually going on. He reaches Agra and while on the terrace of his house, he sees the man again and soon, a big fistfight breaks in, and soon it is known that there's no one there apart from Himaang, who realizes this when he tries to hit the man against the wall and has his hand hit on it instead. He doubts if he has got some mental illness. Later, he finds a book and after reading it with depth, he realizes that he's suffering from some sort of a hallucinatory disorder which causes him to see the man again and again, and almost everywhere.

Himaang now boards a train bound for Haridwar and on the next day of arrival, he realizes it that the man exists only in his imagination and to finish him, he needs to kill him in his imagination, something he didn't do even in reality. He also recalls how he only sought revenge and handed over the man to the police but it was perhaps his extreme means of revenge which was shocking to himself and thus got him diagnosed with such a disorder. Himaang gathers a toy rifle and a gun lighter to kill the man in his imagination. Soon, as he sees the man a prolonged fight takes place in which the man appears and disappears. In between, Himaang's dead brother appears captive under the man, in his imagination. Himaang pleads him to leave his brother and even drops his weapon. But seeing no solution, he further fights with him and knocks him down. He speaks a few words to him before killing him in his imagination with the toy rifle.

Some time later, Himaang now decides to travel to Odisha via an airplane and while he's at the Puri beach, a friend calls him to tell that the man who appeared in Himaang's imagination was finally going to be punished by the law. This makes Himaang smile with happiness and be relieved that the man won't appear anymore.

Cast[change | change source]

  • Prashast Singh as Himaang

Soundtrack[change | change source]

Prashast Singh decided to use the sounds of train, airplane, boat & sea waves appearing in the background of various scenes in the film. These sounds are included in the soundtrack, apart from a theme track which is also made from these sounds.

Track listing
No. Title Artist(s) Length
1. "The Train Arrives"     0:54
2. "The Plane Takes Off"     1:19
3. "Boat in the Lake"     0:33
4. "The Sea Speaks"     0:44
5. "Himaang Theme"     0:41
Total length:

Release[change | change source]

Himaang released digitally via YouTube and Amazon Prime Video on Diwali, 19 October 2017.[9] Prior to its release, Prashast himself gave it a Self Applied Content Rating certifying it as "suitable for all ages" with a total runtime of 30 minutes.[10] The film was released with English subtitles.

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