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History of modern Kangleipak

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The Temple of Shri Govindaji in the "Palace Compound" in Imphal, was the center of Meitei Vaishnavism of the Meitei Hindus in modern Kanglei world.
Appearance of the Coat of arms of Manipur in the Flag of Manipur

The history of Modern Kangleipak or Modern Manipur covers the history of Manipur from the Seven Years Devastation from the Burmese Empire to the present day.[1]

Seven Years Devastation

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The Burmese invaded Manipur several times but the most notable one was in 1819, during the reign of King Marjit. The Burmese occupied Manipur from 1819 to 1826. During this time, Manipur was devastated and there was chaos and anarchy everywhere. This dark period is called Chahi Taret Khuntakpa (Seven Years Devastation).[1][2][3]

Manipuri Levy

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There were exploitations of the Manipuri Levy, which was the first standing army of Manipur, born out of Manipur National Struggle against the Burmese rule during the Seven Years Devastation.[4][5][6][7]

Anglo-Manipuri War

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In the year 1891, the historic Anglo-Manipuri war (Manipur's National Liberation Struggle) took place. The Manipuri soldiers showed their might in the losing battle, sacrificing their lives for the motherland. The combat ended with British victory.[8][9][10][11]

Japanese bombing

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Japanese bombing in Imphal took place several times in the history of Manipur, thereby creating high casualties to the people of Manipur. The first bombing was in the year 1942, heralding the beginning of the Second World War in Manipur.[12][13]

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