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Hitler Youth

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Hitler youth, laying telephone wires, in 1933

The Hitler Youth (Hitlerjugend) was an organization in Nazi Germany for boys from ages 10 to 18. The boys split off from the Hitler Youth when they were 14 to join The League of German Men. All German boys between these ages whom Adolf Hitler considered to be "pure-blooded" Germans, were required to join, and parents who stopped their children from joining could be sent to prison for a long time.[1] In order to get rid of any distractions or other groups that might keep children from being involved with the Hitler Youth, Hitler banned all other youth groups or clubs.[2] The League of German girls was the Girls branch of the Hitler youth and taught girls how to raise families and run fundraisers and metal drives for the Reich Government.

The purpose of the Hitler Youth was to train children to accept values such as duty to the Nazi Party and to Hitler, and to teach them to be prepared even to give their lives for their country. Many young boys would become solders shortly after their time in the Hitler youth. Even though Hitler youth members had higher ranks than some of the other older soldiers, they could still get heavily reprimanded by the Allied forces. As the war became more desperate many Hitler youth members were pulled out of school to fight as solders, they were often put on suicide missions.


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