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Hollerado (6).JPG
Left to right: Jake Boyd, Menno Versteeg, Dean Baxter and Nixon Boyd.
Background information
OriginManotick, Ontario,
GenresIndie rock
Power pop
Years active2007-present
LabelsRoyal Mountain Records
Arts and Crafts
WebsiteOfficial Website
MembersDean Baxter
Jake Boyd
Nixon Boyd
Menno Versteeg

Hollerado is a Canadian indie rock band from Manotick, Ontario. Hollerado has four members in the band; the current band members are Dean Baxter, Jake Boyd, Nixon Boyd and Menno Versteeg. Their name is a parody of the United States state, Colorado.

Band members[change | change source]

  • Dean Baxter - bass guitar & vocals
  • Jake Boyd - drums & vocals
  • Nixon Boyd - guitar & vocals
  • Menno Versteeg - guitar & lead vocals

Discography[change | change source]

Albums[change | change source]

So far as of 2011, Hollerado has released 7 albums:

  • Demo in a Bag One (2007)
  • Demo in a Bag Two (2007)
  • Demo in a Bag Three (2007)
  • Demo in a Bag Four (2008)
  • Demo in a Bag Five (2009)
  • Record in a Bag (2010)
  • Margaritaville II: The Reckoning (2011)

Singles[change | change source]

  • Americanarama (2010)
  • Juliette (2010)
  • Got To Lose (2011)
  • Good Day At The Races (2011)

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