Hotel Transylvania: Transformania

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Hotel Transylvania: Transformania is a 2022 American computer-animated adventure comedy movie produced by Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation. It is the sequel to Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, starring Brian Hull as the voice of Dracula and Selena Gomez as Mavis, Dracula's daughter, and features Asher Blinkoff as Dennis. It released on January 14, 2022.

Plot[change | change source]

During the celebration of the 125th anniversary of Hotel Transylvania, Mavis overhears Dracula's plans to retire and leave the hotel to her. She tells Johnny who excitedly tells Dracula his plans to renovate the hotel. Worried about Johnny ruining the hotel, Dracula lies to him saying that there is a real-estate law which only lets monsters own the hotel, disappointing Johnny.

Van Helsing decides to help Johnny using a ray that turns people into monsters and vice-versa; after testing it on his guinea pig Gigi, he uses it on Johnny who turns into a dragon-like monster. Learning about monster Johnny, Dracula tries to turn him back to normal, but accidentally turns himself into a human and breaks the ray's crystal. Van Helsing tells Dracula and Johnny that they can still turn themselves back to normal by getting a new crystal which lies in a cave in South America, so Dracula and Johnny set off to do so.

Dracula's friends Frank, Wayne, Griffin and Murray end up becoming humans as well, as a result of drinking from a fountain that was contaminated by the ray, along with Blobby who's turned into a plate of gelatin. Mavis and Ericka confront Van Helsing after learning about Dracula and Johnny's whereabouts in the news, but he warns them about the effects of the ray, as people who become monsters continue to mutate and become more hostile as time goes on. With this in mind, the rest of the gang head to South America to find Dracula and Johnny.

While traveling through the South American jungle, Dracula and Johnny begin to bond, and Dracula eventually begins to confess that he lied about the monster real-estate law, but the rest of the group find them. Things turn sour when Dracula admits his deception regarding passing over the hotel to Mavis and Johnny. This prompts an upset Johnny to believe Dracula does not consider him family and to mutate further before running away.

Mavis goes to find Johnny while Dracula and the rest of the gang go to find the crystal. Mavis finds Johnny, but the transformation has turned him very volatile. She leads him to the cave where they finally find the crystal. When Mavis tries to turn Johnny back to normal, nothing happens due to him being too frenzied. In desperation, Dracula lets himself get captured by Johnny and goes on a remorseful tangent about how wrong he was about Johnny and how he now sees the best in him, finally acknowledging him as family. This brings Johnny back to his senses, and he is returned to human form.

With Dracula and his friends turned back to normal, they return home only to find the hotel has been destroyed by Gigi. After turning Gigi back to normal, Dracula bemoans his loss. He soon decides to let Mavis and Johnny rebuild to their liking.

A year later, Mavis and Johnny show Dracula the re-built Hotel Transylvania, which he comes to enjoy.

Cast[change | change source]

  • Brian Hull as Count "Drac" Dracula, the founder of Hotel Transylvania and Mavis' father, Johnny's father-in-law, Vlad's son, and Dennis' maternal grandfather. He was originally voiced by Adam Sandler in the first three films.[1][2]
  • Andy Samberg as Johnathan "Johnny" Loughran, Mavis' husband, Dracula's son-in-law, and Dennis' father.[2]
  • Selena Gomez as Mavis Dracula, Johnny's wife, Dracula's daughter and Dennis' mother.[2]
  • Asher Blinkoff as Dennis, the son of Johnny and Mavis, and Dracula's grandson.[2]
  • Brad Abrell as Frankenstein, Eunice's husband. He was originally voiced by Kevin James in the first three films.[3]
  • Fran Drescher as Eunice, Frankenstein's wife.[2]
  • Kathryn Hahn as Ericka Van Helsing, Dracula's wife and the great-granddaughter of Abraham Van Helsing.[2]
  • Jim Gaffigan as Professor Abraham Van Helsing, a former monster hunter and Ericka's great-grandfather who invented the "Monsterfication Ray".[2]
  • Steve Buscemi as Wayne, a werewolf and Wanda's husband.[2]
  • Molly Shannon as Wanda, a werewolf and Wayne's wife.[2]
  • Keegan-Michael Key as Murray, an ancient mummy.[2]
  • David Spade as Griffin, an invisible man.[2]
  • Zoe Berri as Winnie, a werewolf who is the daughter of Wayne and Wanda and a friend of Dennis. She was originally voiced by Sadie Sandler in the first three films.
  • Asher Bishop as Wesley, a werewolf who is the son of Wayne and Wanda.
  • Richard Tyler "Ninja" Blevins as Party Monster.
  • Genndy Tartakovsky as Blobby, a green blob monster.
  • Victoria Gomez as Wilma
  • Jennifer Kluska as Wendy
  • Derek Drymon as a zombie that was briefly turned into a human
  • Aaron LaPlante as:
    • Gremlin Pilot
    • Gremlin Stewardess
  • Melissa Sturm as:
    • Airbag Monster
    • Phone Voice
  • Chloé Malaisé as Female Newscaster
  • Scott Underwood as Male Newscaster
  • Michelle Murdocca as Witch
  • Will Townsend as Zombie

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