Parliament of Barbados

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The Parliament of Barbados
Seats51 (21 Senators, 30 MPs)
Political groups
Democratic Labour Party - DLP
Barbados Labour Party - BLP
7 non-affiliated peers
Meeting place
The Public Buildings

The Parliament of Barbados is the national legislature of Barbados. The Parliament is bicameral, meaning there are 2 houses.[1] The Senate is the Upper house. The House of Assembly is the Lower house. Parliament is in the national capital Bridgetown in Saint Michael.

Senate[change | change source]

The Senate is made up of twenty-one Senators and The Queen. The Queen is represented by the Governor-General. Senators are appointed. The term is 5 years.

House of Assembly[change | change source]

The House has thirty Members of Parliament (MPs). There is also the Honourable Speaker of the House. Members of the House are elected. The term is 5 years. The next election is due to be scheduled by January 2013.

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