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Huni's head made of granite
Granite head of Huni
Pharaoh of Egypt
SpouseQueens Djefatnebti and Meresankh I
IssueQueen Hetepheres I and Pharaoh Sneferu
Full name
Huni of Egypt
ReligionAncient Egyptian religion

Huni was the last Pharaoh of Egyptian Third dynasty. He was successor of Khaba, and maybe Khaba's son. Huni established a fortress on the island of Elephantine, and he maybe built pyramid in Meidum.

One of officials of king Djoser was also named Huni, and it's possible that this man and pharaoh Huni are the same person.

Huni had two wives - Djefatnebti and Meresankh I. With Djefatnebti, he fathered Hetepheres I, and with Meresankh he sired Sneferu, his own successor. Sneferu became a king after Huni's death, and he married his half-sister Hetepheres. Huni's grandson - son of Sneferu - was pharaoh Khufu, who built Great Pyramid of Giza.


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