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Boar hunting, tacuinum sanitatis casanatensis (XIV century)

Hunting is going out to find and kill animals. Animals and some humans, hunt for food. People have hunted at least since the stone age. They used spears, and now people mostly use guns and bows. Some people kill the animals for fur, to make clothes and shelter, or to decorate their homes, or to sell. Fox hunting is sometimes a sport.

Many places have rules that limit hunting. Hunting can be good by keeping animal populations from getting too high. Hunting too much, though, can kill off species of animals, making them extinct. Hunting once made the dodo, a bird, become extinct.

In the stone age the cave men used to hunt with spears because spears was all they had . They did not get much but it was enough to keep them alive. In the olden days the only way of getting meat was to hunt. As the world got more modern Boar hunting became very pupular especially for the rich in England. Now days people don't boar hunt so much. They still hunt for buck with guns and bows and arrows. Another form of hunting is not to use guns, bows and arrows or spears, but to set a trap - they dig a hole in the ground about two meters deep and cover it with leaves and sticks and when the buck or boar come's trotting along he falls in the hole and can not get out . Then later that day the men would cut the animals head of and carry it back to there camp

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