Hurricane Dorian

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Hurricane Dorian is a 2019 tropical cyclone. The storm hit the British and United States Virgin Islands and nearly hit Puerto Rico. The fourth named storm, second hurricane, and a first major hurricane of the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season.

On August 30, Dorian became a first major hurricane of the season, and then became a Category 4 hurricane from a Category 2 in 9 hours. Dorian later became a Category 5. The storm was the second most-intense storm to strike anywhere in the Atlantic basin.

Dorian struck the northwestern Bahamas with 185 mile per hour winds and heavy flooding.

The cyclone brushed eastern Florida and Georgia. The storm was also expected to move over northeastern South Carolina, eastern North Carolina and southeastern Virginia.

Tropical cyclone warnings and watches were put up for areas from the Leeward Islands to Hispaniola. Similar warnings were put up from Florida to Delaware.