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Hurricane Katrina

2005 Atlantic hurricane season



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The Hurricane Katrina tornado outbreak was a tornado outbreak across the eastern United States from August 29 to 31, 2005, spawned mostly by the outer bands of Hurricane Katrina (or the remnants thereof).

One person was killed and numerous communities suffered damage of varying degrees from central Mississippi to Pennsylvania, with Georgia the hardest hit. It was the worst tornado outbreak ever in the month of August in that state.

List of confirmed tornadoes[change | change source]

There were a total of 44 confirmed tornadoes - 18 in Georgia, 11 in Mississippi, 5 each in Virginia and Pennsylvania, 4 in Alabama, and 1 isolated tornado in Florida three days before the main outbreak.

F# Location County Time (UTC) Path length Damage
Florida (August 26)
F? Marathon Monroe 0845 unknown First reported Katrina-related tornado that was not part of the main outbreak. Damage to parts of Florida Keys Marathon Airport including 11 aircraft, as well as two homes.
Mississippi (August 29)
F1 NE of Marion Lauderdale 1714 3 miles
(5 km)
First tornado of the main outbreak. Developed on top of a highway and entered undeveloped areas. No buildings damaged, although many trees fell.
F1 Prismatic Lauderdale, Kemper 1721 2.5 miles
(4 km)
Minor damage to outbuildings, mainly caused by many fallen and uprooted trees.
F2 House Neshoba 1725 3 miles
(5 km)
Heavy damage to several outbuildings; many trees uprooted and power lines downed along a 100 yard (90 m) wide path.
F1 Damascus Kemper, Neshoba 1739 3 miles
(5 km)
No buildings damaged along its 50 yard (45 m) wide path, although many trees were uprooted and power lines were snapped.
F1 Deweese Neshoba 1748 4 miles
(6.5 km)
One mobile home was destroyed by a fallen tree. Several outbuildings were also destroyed. Heavy roof damage to another home and considerable tree damage along a 150 yard (140 m) wide path.
F1 Decatur area Newton unknown 11.5 miles
(19 km)
F2 E of Decatur Newton unknown 2 miles
(3 km)
Heavy tree damage.
F1 Bloomfield Neshoba unknown 3 miles
(5 km)
F1 Philadelphia Neshoba unknown 2 miles
(3 km)
F1 E of Marydell Leake unknown 2 miles
(3 km)
Alabama (August 29)
F1 W of Reeltown Tallapoosa 1855 3.25 miles
(5.5 km)
Numerous homes suffered damage of varying degrees, some by snapped or fallen trees.
F0 Cecil Bullock, Montgomery 2016 5.9 miles
(9.5 km)
Several mobile homes were heavily damaged, and other structures suffered minor damage, in addition to many fallen trees.
F1 SW of Piedmont Calhoun 2053 1.5 miles
(2.5 km)
At least three homes, including a mobile home, were damaged.
F0 SW of Notasulga Macon 2119 3 miles
(5 km)
No buildings were affected, although many trees were snapped.
Georgia (August 29-30)
F2 Roopville area Heard, Carroll 2025 5.5 miles
(9 km)
1 death - Several homes were severely damaged, and a mobile home was destroyed, which also injured three people. In addition, at least eight poultry barns were destroyed, killing at least 150,000 chickens along its 200 yard (180 m) wide path.
F0 Felton Haralson 2110 1 mile
(1.6 km)
One barn was destroyed, and many trees were snapped.
F0 New Georgia Paulding 2115 1 mile
(1.6 km)
Minor damage to about 45 homes, some due to fallen trees. Several outbuildings destroyed.
F1 Cedartown Polk 2125 2.8 miles
(4.5 km)
Damage was reported to a gas station canopy and several storage units.
F0 SE of Brinson Decatur 2240 unknown Seen crossing a highway. No damage reported.
F0 Eastville Oconee 2235 1/10 mile
(150 m)
Roof damage to one home, plus numerous trees blown down.
F1 Pickling Mill Taylor, Upson 2237 4 miles
(6.5 km)
Three mobile homes were destroyed. Eight other homes suffered damage, and hundreds of trees were uprooted.
F0 N of Cumming Forsyth 2240 1/2 mile
(800 m)
No significant damage reported.
F0 Burtsboro Lumpkin 2245 9/10 mile
(1.4 km)
Damage primarily to a nursery business, including a greenhouse and a warehouse.
F0 N of Bellville Evans 2306 unknown Touched down but remained in corn field.
F2 Fort Valley Peach 2310 4 miles
(6.5 km)
Significant damage reported in the area, including a credit union nearly destroyed. Structural damage was also reported to several homes, and others had tree-related damage along its 50 yard (45 m) wide path. One person was injured in this tornado.
F1 N of Orchard Hill Spalding 2345 1 miles
(1.6 km)
One small home and a horse trailer was destroyed and several others suffered damage. Two people were injured.
F0 NE of Morganton Fannin 2345 1/4 mile
(400 m)
Roof damage was reported at a local church. Minor damage was also reported to several homes, mainly due to fallen trees.
F0 Social Circle Walton 0230 1/4 mile
(400 m)
Minor tree-related damage to several homes.
F0 Winder Barrow 0305 1.5 miles
(2.5 km)
Tornado reported in a state park, levelling about 900 trees. No other major damage reported.
F0 Braselton Jackson 0325 40 yards
(35 m)
Several homes suffered roof damage along the very short path.
F0 Lula to Mossy Creek Hall, White 0410 10 miles
(16 km)
Longest path of any Katrina-related tornado in Georgia. Widespread minor damage, primarily due to many trees knocked over.
F2 Helen White 0430 10 miles
(16 km)
Significant damage was reported in the tourist town. Many buildings suffered varying degrees of damage - several were nearly destroyed. Extensive damage also to trees and power lines - the area was blocked off due to fallen trees, and power was cut in the area for up to 48 hours.
Virginia (August 30-31)
F1 Doylesville Albemarle 2305 1 mile
(1.6 km)
Heavy damage to many trees, some of which fell on an estate home. Tornado track may have been longer but terrain prevented additional ground surveys.
F0 Eggbornsville Culpeper 2330 1/2 mile
(800 m)
No buildings affected; damage limited to smaller trees.
F0 Viewtown Rappahannock 2335 4 mile
(6.5 km)
Scattered tree damage, plus roof damage to one farm building.
F0 NE of Orlean Fauquier 0008 3/4 mile
(1.2 km)
Many trees fell in the area, one of which landed on a home.
F1 Marshall Fauquier 0017 5 miles
(8 km)
Several outbuildings destroyed. At least 15 homes suffered damage, most of which was minor and caused by fallen trees.
Pennsylvania (August 31)
F1 Middle Creek Adams 0420 3 miles
(5 km)
Structural damage was reported to a few homes, along with several barns being destroyed.
F1 Mummasburg Adams 0440 3 miles
(5 km)
Path primarily went through corn fields; only a few trees were knocked down.
F1 NE of Gettysburg Adams 0445 7 miles
(11 km)
Several barns and outbuildings suffered severe damage along a highway passage. Minor damage to several homes. The damage trail was intermittent.
F1 Dillsburg area York, Cumberland 0520 2.5 miles
(4 km)
Extensive tree damage reported, along with minor damage to numerous homes.
F1 Barbours Lycoming 0700 3/4 mile
(1.2 km)
Damage primarily to trees in heavily wooded area embedded in a larger field of damage from Katrina-spawned storms.
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