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Hydrox cookies
Hydrox cookies made in 2008

Hydrox is a cream-filled cookie sandwich made by Leaf Brands. It originally launched in 1908, and was made by Sunshine Biscuits for over 90 years.[1] Hydrox cookies have a sweet filling and a crunchy cookie shell.[2]

The Oreo cookie, introduced in 1912, was inspired by the Hydrox. The Oreo eventually became more popular than Hydrox which resulted in Hydrox being thought of as a copy of Oreo.[3] Hydrox was mostly closed in 1999 after Sunshine was bought by Keebler, which was later bought by Kellogg's.[3]

In 2008, fans of Hydrox made thousands of phone calls and an online petition asking Kellogg's to make Hydrox again for its 100th anniversary.[4] Kellogg's started making Hydrox again for less than one year. In September 2015, Leaf Brands began making Hydrox again with a new recipe.[5] Leaf Brands filed a report with the US Federal Trade Commission in 2019. Leaf Brands claimed that the maker of Oreos, Mondelez International, unfairly put Hydrox products behind Oreo products on supermarket shelves.[6]

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