Hypixel Skyblock

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Hypixel Skyblock
Initial releaseJune 1, 2019; 3 years ago (2019-06-01)
PlatformMinecraft: Java Edition

Hypixel Skyblock is a Minecraft massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) created by the Hypixel team, and released on June 11th, 2019.[1] Hypixel Skyblock usually gets around 15,000-30,000 players online at one time. Skyblock is the most popular Minecraft MMORPG, and is compared to other Minecraft MMORPG games, like Wynncraft.

Gameplay[change | change source]

In Skyblock, a player starts on an island, and uses blocks to build a bridge to another island, on the other island is a portal to a hub island, which has access to infinite items, blocks, and resources. Technoblade, in his video,[2] brings up how it isn't like normal Minecraft Skyblock, for not sharing the same premise of using limited resources wisely, as regular skyblock does.

When a player reaches the hub island, they are able to reach new locations, like the Coal Mines, farming areas, combat areas, and a dungeon portal. All areas lead to bigger islands, for an individual purpose. These islands allow you to level up skills and collections.

Development Issues[change | change source]

Early Joining[change | change source]

On multiple occasions, people realized that Skyblock was in the works, or soon to be releasing. This led to people finding ways to join the game early.

One user on the Hypixel Forums, claimed that an Admin had stated Skyblock would be coming in one hour from that time,[3] this lead to more people being aware of the games release. Certain players used this information, to realize that the game was open by accessing the game using the /play command, rather than it's UI elements. This allowed certain players to gain access to Skyblock some time before its release.

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Other Websites[change | change source]

http://hypixel.net - Hypixel's official website & Forum http://wiki.hypixel.net - The Official Wiki for Hypixel Skyblock. https://hypixel.fandom.com/wiki/SkyBlock - The fan-made Fandom wiki, for Skyblock.