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IGA (Independent Grocers of Australia)
Type Supermarket chain
Industry Retail
When it was created 1988
Headquarters Australia, except NT & TAS
Key people Davids Holdings
Things made Groceries & General Products.
Parent Metcash Trading Limited
Subsidiaries Friendly IGA
Supa IGA
IGA Stores
IGA X-press
Website http://www.iga.net.au

Independent Grocers of Australia or (IGA) for short, is the largest independent supermarket group in Australia. It is part of the Independent Grocers Association which has shops all over the world. Each IGA shop is run by the local shopkeeper unlike big companies such as Woolworths and Coles which runs all of their shops across the country. A company supplies all IGA shops around the country and controls the use of the IGA name but does not own every one of each shop. The independent shopkeepers and their shops claim to be Local Heroes. There are over 1000 shops and three sub-brands.

IGA in Australia also has the Black & Gold brand name product range which first came about in 1980, the first such brand name product range to enter the independent food shops that are now called IGA. Now, it also has a premium brand name range also called IGA and a healthy range of products called IGA Way of Life.

Metcash Trading Limited is the company behind IGA and supplies the shops. Davids Holdings, Metcash's old name, brought the IGA name to Australia in 1988 with just 10 shops. Now, it has grown from 10 shops to over 1000 shops in less than 20 years.

The stores also have the Community Chest program, where they donate profits to local charities.

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