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The IRT Lexington Avenue Line is one of the lines of the New York City Subway. It is the most often used line on the system, with 1.3 million people using it every day. It opened in 1904, and its service bullets are colored apple green. There are four services:

Services[change | change source]

  • NYCS-bull-trans-4.svg 4 (1967-1979 New York City Subway bullet).svg 4: An express service from Woodlawn to Utica Avenue.
  • NYCS-bull-trans-5.svg NYCS-bull-trans-5d.svg 5: An express service that runs from Dyre Avenue to Flatbush Avenue on weekdays, Bowling Green on evenings and weekends and East 180th Street at late nights. At rush hour it runs from Nereid Avenue to Utica Avenue or New Lots Avenue.
  • NYCS-bull-trans-6.svg NYCS-bull-trans-6d.svg 6: This service is actually two services grouped together: a local service (circle) and an express service (diamond). It runs from Pelham Bay Park to Brooklyn Bridge.
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