Ice cream cake

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Ice cream cake
Ice cream swiss roll
Main ingredientsIce cream
VariationsBerries, fruits, sponge cake
Chocolate ice cream cake

An ice cream cake is a cake with ice cream as the filling. It can also be made by putting different flavors of ice cream on top of each other in a loaf pan.[1]

Ice cream cake is a food popular at parties. They can be seen at birthday parties and weddings. It is more common in North America and Australia, but not seen very often in Europe. In the United Kingdom, there are ice cream swiss roll cakes. These are called "Arctic rolls".

History[change | change source]

Ice cream cake were first made from biscuits and cream. Victorian era desserts called Bombe glacée (or bombes) were made of ice cream and fruit. They were made into colorful and decorative shapes. Sometimes they were put beside cakes or biscuits. Ice cream cake recipes from the 1870s have also been found.

U.S. market[change | change source]

Ice cream cakes are popular in the United States.[2] Baskin-Robbins, Dairy Queen, Cold Stone Creamery and other retailers also sell ice cream cakes.

They are also a popular dessert for Fourth of July celebrations; cakes prepared for this day are often decorated with patriotic motifs, and garnished with whipped cream, red berries and blueberries.[3] Other versions are elaborate flag cakes made with alternating layers of ice cream and sorbet.[4]

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