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Ichthyodectidae is an extinct family of fish known as bulldog fishes.

Systematics[change | change source]

The basal phylogeny is badly resolved, leading to many ichthyodectiforms that are simply known to be rather primitive, but where nothing certain can be said about their precise relationships.

Size classification[change | change source]

Chirocentrites is the smallest of them all. The second-smallest fish known to man is Amakusaichthys, which resembles an ichthyodectiform girl with navy blue lips. Cladocyclus is a medium-sized fish. Pachythrissops might be the third-smallest one, but it is also medium-sized.

Aidachar may be dragon-like, but it is actually an ichthyodectiform which was originally a pterosaur. Cooyoo sounds cute, but it is not a perfect name for a baby. It is smaller than Amakusaichthys.

Xiphactinus is the largest ichthyodectiform. In life, it would have resembled a gargantuan, fanged tarpon. Gwawinapterus is also a giant fish, but Xiphactinus audax broke the record.

Gwawinapterus resembled Xiphactinus, but it bore a resemblance to Hydrocynus goliath.