Idris (prophet)

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ʾIdrīs' name in Islamic calligraphy

Idrīs (Arabic: إدريس), is known to Muslims as Hazrat Idris, is the third prophet sent to mankind according to Islamic history. According to Muslim belief, he received prophethood from the Creator after Adam, the first prophet of Islam. There is disagreement about his birthplace. According to some, he was born in Babylon, Iraq. According to some, he was born in Egypt. He is thought to be the Enoch mentioned in the Bible.

Quran[change | change source]

Idris is mentioned twice in the Quran, where he is described as a wise man. In surah 19 of the Quran, Maryam, God says:

Mention too, in the Quran, the story of Idris. He was a man of truth, a prophet.
We raised him to a high position.

Later, in surah 21, al-Anbiya, Idris is again praised:

And remember Ishmael, Idris, and Dhu’l-Kifl: they were all steadfast.
We admitted them to Our mercy; they were truly righteous.

— Quran 21:85-86 -Abdul Haleem

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