Ilan Gilon

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Ilan Gilon

Ilan Gilon or Ilan Gil'on / Ilan Gil-On, Romanian: Ilan Ghilon, Hebrew: אילן גילאון, (born May 12, 1956 in Galaţi, Romania) is an Israeli politician of the Meretz party.

Gilon got polio when he was a baby. Because of this he has problems with his legs. He migrated to Israel when he was a child.

He studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem but didn't obtain a degree.

He became involved in politics by becoming a member of the youth department of Mapam (a socialist political party and a forerunner of Meretz), followed by Meretz itself later on.

Gilon was deputy mayor of Ashdod from 1993 to 1999.

He entered the Knesset in 1999, did not get a seat in 2003, and has again been an MK since 2009.

As a parliamentarian he is mainly involved with social welfare issues. Among these are promoting laws to help people with disabilities.

After the resignation of Zehava Gal-On in October 2017, Gilon has become leader of the Meretz party in the Knesset.

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