Ilyushin Il-114

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Ильюшин Ил-114 2053800109, Хабаровск - Новый RP22506.jpg
RADAR Il-114-100
Role Regional airliner
National origin Russia/Uzbekistan
Manufacturer Tashkent Mechanical Plant
resumption of production
Voronezh Aircraft Production Association jointly Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG [1]
Design group Ilyushin
First flight 29 March 1990
Introduction August 1998 with Uzbekistan Airways[2][3]
Status In production
Primary users Ilyushin Design Bureau
Uzbekistan Airways (former)
Vyborg Airlines (former)
Produced 1992–present
Number built 20

Ilyushin Il-14 (Russian: Ильюшин Ил-114) is a Russian twin-engine turboprop airliner.

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