Imam Shamil

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Imam Shamil
Imam of Dagestan
PredecessorGamzat Bek
SuccessorMonarchy overthrown
BornJune 26 1797

Imam Shamil (1797-1871) was the 3rd and last Dagestan Imam from 1834-1859.

Birth[change | change source]

Shamil was born to an Avar Muslim Family, He was born in the small village (aul) of Gimry (in present day Dagestan) , His Father, Dengau was a landlord and this position allowed Shamil and his friend Ghazi Mollah to to study many subjects, Including Arabic and Logics, Shamil Became the Imam in 1834, and got Married in 1846

War against Russia[change | change source]

His Friend Ghazi Mollah died in battle in 1832 , Shamil was one of the only 2 Murids to Escape, but he got severe Wounds, during this fight, He was Stabbed by a Bayonet . After jumping from an elevated stoop clean over the heads of very line of soldiers about to fire on him. Landing Behind Them, Whirling his sword in the left hand, he cut down three of them, But the 4th Bayoneted Him.

Imam[change | change source]

Gamzat-Bek Was killed in 1834 , Shamil took Place as Imam , The Monarchy was overthrown in 1859, Shamil Died in 1871 at the age of 74.