Indravati River, Nepal

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Indravati River/ Melamchi Khola
IndrawatiRiver kavre.JPG
Indravati River
Physical characteristics
 - locationHimalayas
 - locationSun Kosi at Dolalghat
 - coordinates27°38′46″N 85°42′14″E / 27.646°N 85.704°E / 27.646; 85.704Coordinates: 27°38′46″N 85°42′14″E / 27.646°N 85.704°E / 27.646; 85.704
Basin features
River systemKoshi River

The Indravati River (Nepali: इन्द्रावती नदी) is a river in Nepal. It is a tributary of Sun Kosi river which later joins Koshi River. It is also known as 'Melamchi khola'.[1]

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