Indulf of Scotland

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King of Alba (Rex Alban)
Reign954 - 962
PredecessorMalcolm I
Cullen, Scotland
FatherConstantine II

Indulf was king of Scots from 954-962 and succeeded his cousin Malcolm I to the throne of Alba in 954. He died in 962, 8 years after he became king and passed the throne to his son Dub.

Birth[change | change source]

Indulf was king of Alba from 954-962 for 8 years, he was born sometime in the 900's. He reigned after Malcolm I and was succeeded by Dub. An interesting note is that Dub was supposedly black, nicknamed the Niger or the Vehement.

Reign[change | change source]

Indulf's reign began in 954 when he was most likely 30 or 40 years old, he died only 8 years later in 962. His legacy is forgotten and does not live on. He is rarely mentioned now.

Death[change | change source]

He died in 962 in Scotland, 100 years after Donald I's death and was succeeded by his eldest son for the first time in the history of Alban Monarchs, Dub.

Burial[change | change source]

He is buried in Iona, like most Scottish monarchs from that time period. He was most likely buried not late after his death in around 967/8.[1]

References[change | change source]

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