Indus Kohistani

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Indus Kohistani
Kostai in Nastaliq.png
RegionIndus Kohistan
EthnicityIndus Kohistanis
Native speakers
(200,000 cited 1992)[1]
Perso-Arabic script (Nastaliq)
Language codes
ISO 639-3mvy
Minor languages of Pakistan as of the 1998 census.png
Kohistani is a minor language of Pakistan which is mainly spoken in the Kohistan region, shown on this map.

Indus Kohistani or Maiya is a Dardic language spoken in the Kohistan District and the surrounding regions like Swat District and Hazara. It is spoken by the Kohistani people and is the predominant language of Kohistan. It has two dialects, Kohistan and Kanyawali.[2] It is written in the Nastaliq variant of the Arabic script.

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