Innocent (Our Lady Peace song)

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Single by Our Lady Peace
from the album Gravity
Released August 13, 2002
Genre Alternative rock
Writer(s) Raine Maida

"'Innocent'" is a 2002 alternative rock song by the Canadian alternative rock band Our Lady Peace and is the second single from their fifth studio album Gravity, which was released in 2002. The song was written by Raine Maida and was produced by Bob Rock.

Meaning of the song[change | change source]

The song is about people that are suffering which also includes a girl with cancer. Maida stated in 2002 that Innocent was his favorite song on the Gravity album and said that "I wrote this song over a year ago and I was originally hesitant to play it for the band, but once we got into the studio and began working with Bob we were able to make it an Our Lady Peace song.".