Institute of Political Studies in Belgrade

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Institute of Political Studies
Founder(s)Republic of Serbia
TypeScientific Organization
HeadquartersBelgrade, Republic of Serbia
OriginsFaculty of Political Science - Belgrade
Key people

Institute of Political Studies in Belgrade is a leading academic institution in Belgrade, Serbia. It is for research of political science.[1][2]

History[change | change source]

The institute was started in 1968. It developed out of the research unit of the High School of Political Science. It developed into a modern and independent scientific institution. After separating from the Faculty of Political Science in Belgrade,[3][4] the Institute for Political Studies was given the status of independent scientific institution. It was given this status in 1978.[5][6]

Mission[change | change source]

The institute does research work in the field of political science. It particularly deals with problems of national importance in Serbia. Beside the scientific work, the institute is for certain fields of education. It offers research services, such as political marketing, consulting services, research of public opinion, and media. One of the main activities of the institute is publishing. It produces monographs, magazines, journals and other publications. The institute's scientific projects are focused on the development of political science as a university subject. The institute carries out numerous projects in the fields of law, political systems, international relations, political economy, sociology and political theory.[7]

Journals[change | change source]

The current periodical editions of the Institute are:[8]

  • Serbian Political Thought
  • Political Review
  • National Interest

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