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The back of a NUC showing some of the cable connectors.

The Intel NUC (Next Unit of Computing) is a very small desktop computer replacement that uses the ultra compact form factor. It is built to be a very small PC that can be used for basic computer jobs like word processing and internet reading. It can also be used to play most computer games.[1] Some people use the NUC as a home theater computer because of its small size and how quiet it is.

History[change | change source]

The Intel NUC is on its sixth generation. The generations were called, in order from oldest to newest, Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, Bay Trail, Haswell, Broadwell/Braswell, and Skylake. The names come from the processor that is on the motherboard of the NUC.[2]

Models[change | change source]

Sandy Bridge

Kit Board

Ivy Bridge

Kit Board
DC3217IYE D33217GK
DC3217BY D33217CK
DC53427HYE D53427RKE

Bay Trail

Kit Board


Broadwell / Braswell


References[change | change source]

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