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Internet safety is the topic of teaching people how to be safe when using the internet. It is particularly important when using social media, through which personal information is shared.

Internet safety is mainly taught in primary and secondary schools and focuses on making sure children know that:

  • you shouldn't share your personal information on the internet,
  • you should think before you write comments about people - how it could effect them,
  • you should always tell an adult if there is something that upsets you,
  • you shouldn't meet someone you have talked to on the internet without an adult.

Choose a strong password with different characters and numbers.

There are more another ways to secure your devices when surfing through Internet ,You can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) they are usually more secure then simple , also they help to unlock many websites which are blocked by your service provider , It is usually recommended to use a Paid service rather than using free service. And an Anti-virus must have to be in your device if you want a secure surfing.