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Interracial marriage

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Othello, the Moor and his Venice wife, Desdemona, from William Shakespeare's Othello.
Prussian love happiness by Emil Doerstling
A multi-racial European family, in a park, holding flags of the European Union.
Indian actress Priyanka Chopra with her white husband Nick Jonas
An interracial couple from South Asia, where racial discrimination rate is the highest in the world.

An interracial marriage is a marriage between two people of different races. In some cases it violates a rule requiring endogamy. In some countries, it was against the law to marry someone of a different race. These countries included, Germany (during the Nazi period), South Africa under apartheid, and some U.S. states in the United States before a 1967 ruling.

The United Nations "The Universal Declaration of Human Rights" which granted the right to marriage "without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion" was enacted in 1948. [1] It is now accepted in principle in most of the world.

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