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An interracial marriage is a marriage between two people of different races. In some countries, it is against the law to marry someone of a different race. These countries include, Germany (during the Nazi period), South Africa under apartheid, and some U.S. states in the United States before a 1969 ruling. In some Arab countries, it is forbidden for an Arab to marry outside their race because of the law and traditional customs. If an Arab person marries someone out of their race their civil rights are taken away from them. In 2008, Pakistani senators allowed women to be buried alive, if found guilty, of marrying someone outside their race.[1][2][3]

The pattern of marriages in Manchuria from Qing times to the Republic of China was single Han Chinese men marrying Russian female peasants and Cossack women, rather than the usual European colonizer men marrying native women.[4][5] The pattern of marriage along the Russia-China border stil fits the Han Chinese male-Russian female pairing.[6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16] Petr Yan|Petr Yan and Yolanda Chen are both atheletes in Russia of paternal Han Chinese descent.

The son of Chinese politician Bo Xilai, Bo Guagua engaged in interracial mixing with English women.[17][18]

Many Han Chinese moved to Africa and married African women.[19][20]

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