Interstate 110 (Texas): Revision history

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10 November 2021

19 October 2021

  • curlast 13:2013:20, 19 October 2021Adeilnkrm talk changes 1,244 bytes +1,244 Created page with "{{Infobox road |state=TX |route=110 |type=I |length_mi=0.891 |length_ref=<ref name="TxDOT"/> |established=April 1, 1967<ref name="TxDOT">{{TxDOT|IH|110|access-date=2021-10-19}}</ref> |spur_type=I |spur_of=10 |direction_a=South |terminus_a={{jct|state=MEX|FH|45}} at Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua |junction={{jct|state=TX|US|62}} in El Paso<br>{{jct|state=TX|US|54}} in El Paso |direction_b=North |terminus_b={{jct|state=TX|I|10|US|180}} in El Paso |countie..."