Ion Ivanovici

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Ion Ivanovici

Ion Ivanovici (alternatively, Iosif Ivanovici, Josef Ivanovici, baptised as Jovan Ivanović) (born 1845 in Timişoara, died 28 September 1902 in Bucharest) was a Romanian military band leader and composer.

Today Ivanovici is especially remembered for his waltz The Waves of the Danube, Donauwellen in German, in his lifetime he composed over 350 dances, and his works were published by over sixty publishing houses throughout the world.[1] In 1889, Ivanovici won the much-desired march prize to mark the World Exhibition in Paris, out of 116 entries.[1]

Ivanovici's Dabube Waves was first published in the U.S. in 1896, and republished in 1903, by the Theodore Lohr Company in an arrangement for piano by Simon Adler. The published version was called "Waves of the Danube". The composition is most commonly known as "Danube Waves Waltz".

Other works[change | change source]

  • Erzherzog Carl Ludwig March, Op. 129
  • La Serenade
  • The Daughter of the Boatman, or Schiffers Tochterlein (La Fille du Marin)
  • Seufzer Waltz (Sigh Waltz)
  • Sinaia Waltz
  • Szerenade Zigeuneren (Gypsy Serenade)
  • Carmen Sylva Waltz from 1892
  • Mariana Polka
  • Romania's Heart Waltz, Op. 51
  • Incognito Waltz
  • Abschied van Focsani March (Farewell to Focsani March)
  • Vision de l'Orient Waltz (Vision of the East), Op. 147
  • Meteor Waltz
  • Im Mondemglanz Waltz (Moonglow Waltz), Op. 122
  • Magic of the Mountains Waltz
  • Liebes Klange Polka (Love of Music Polka)
  • Storm Galopp
  • Wild Flowers Waltz
  • Abendtraume Polka-Mazurka (Evening Dream Polka-Mazurka)
  • Agatha Waltz
  • Der Liebesbote Waltz (Messenger of Love Waltz), Op. 136
  • Easy, like a Dream, also known as Legere, comme un reve in French and Leicht, wie der Traum in German
  • Poker Polka, Op. 123
  • Am Hofe der Czarin Waltz (In the Courts of the Princess Waltz), Op. 124
  • Die Ballkönigin Waltz (King of the Ball Waltz), Op. 127
  • Goldene Stunden Waltz (Golden Hours Waltz), Op. 128 from 1893
  • Céline Polka-Mazurka, Op. 130
  • Natalia Waltz, Op. 134
  • Beim Pfanderspiel Polka, Op. 137
  • Bluthenzauber Waltz, Op. 149
  • Lieb' um Liebe Waltz (Love for Love Waltz), Op. 155
  • Alina Waltz
  • Amalia Waltz
  • Life in Cyprus
  • Souvenir de Brăila Quadrille
  • Aurel Waltz
  • Cleopatra Waltz
  • Elena Polka-Mazurka
  • Farmecul Pelesului
  • Fata pescarului
  • Frumoasa romanca Waltz
  • Frumosii ochi albastri Song
  • Hora micilor dorobanti
  • Herzliebchen Waltz
  • Kalinderu March
  • La balul curtii Mazurka
  • Luceafarul Waltz
  • Military March
  • Marsul Carol
  • L'Odalisque Polka-Mazurka
  • Pe Dunare Mazurka
  • Placerea balului Mazurka
  • Porumbeii albi
  • Die Konigin des Morgens
  • Rosina Polka from 1902
  • Sarba motilor
  • Suvenire Quadrille
  • Maus Polka
  • Tatiana Waltz
  • Roses from the Orient Waltz
  • Viata la Bucuresti Waltz
  • Visuri de aur Waltz
  • Zana Dunarii
  • Anniversary Waltz
  • Bavarian Ländler
  • Kaiserreise or Voyage Imperial March
  • La Bella Roumaine Waltz from 1901

References[change | change source]

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