Ion Luca Caragiale

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Ion Luca Caragiale
Ion Luca Caragiale
Born (1852-02-13)February 13, 1852
Haimanale, Wallachia
Died June 9, 1912(1912-06-09) (aged 60)
Berlin, German Empire
Pen name Car., Ein rumänischer Patriot, Luca, i, Ion, Palicar
Occupation short story writer, playwright, journalist, essayist, actor, translator, poet, civil servant, restaurateur
Nationality Romanian
Period 1873–1912
Genres drama, comedy, tragedy, short story, sketch story, novella, satire, parody, aphorism, fantasy, reportage, memoir, fairy tale, epigram, fable
Subjects everyday life, morals and manners, politics, social criticism, literary criticism, music criticism
Literary movement Junimism, Naturalism, Neoclassicism, Neoromanticism, Realism


Ion Luca Caragiale (1 February 1852, Haimanale, Romania - 9 June 1912, in Berlin, Germany) was a Romanian playwright, novelist, poet, theatre director and journalist.