Iraj Mirza

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Iraj Mirza

Jalalolmamalek pesar-e Gholam-Hossein Mirza (October 1874 - 14 March 1926) (Persian: جلال‌الممالک پسر غلامحسین میرزا‎) or Iraj Mirza (Persian: ایرج میرزا‎) was an Iranian poet. He was born in Tabriz, Iran.

His most famous poems are Satan (in Persian: Ebleess), Mother (in Persian: Maadar), Woman's picture (in Persian Tassvir-e-Zan), Story of the Hijab (in Persian Daastaan-e Chaador) and the story of Zohreh and Manouchehr (in Persian: Daastaan e Zohreh o Manouchehr).

He died in Tehran on 14 March 1926. His tomb is in Shemiran, north of Tehran.