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Iron Bridge

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Iron Bridge
Ironbridge 6.jpg
The Iron Bridge
Carries pedestrian traffic
Crosses River Severn
Locale Ironbridge Gorge near Coalbrookdale
Design cast iron arch bridge
Total length 60 metres (200 ft)
Longest span 30.5 metres (100 ft)
Clearance below 18 metres (59 ft)
Construction begin 1775
Construction end 1779
Opened 1781-01-01

The Iron Bridge was the first arch bridge in the world to be made out of cast iron.[1]

The bridge crosses the River Severn at the Ironbridge Gorge, by the village of Ironbridge, in Shropshire, England.

It is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.[1]

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Coordinates: 52°37′35″N 2°28′22″W / 52.62639°N 2.47278°W / 52.62639; -2.47278