Islam in the United Arab Emirates

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Islam is the official religion recognized in all the seven emirates of UAE. Almost all citizens are Muslims. Though the United Arab Emirates have often advocated freedom of religion.

Statistics[change | change source]

Today about 80% of the local population of UAE is Muslim. There are about 8% Hindus, 5% Christians and Sikh and Buddhist minorities.

Islam is the religion of all UAE nationals since the Islamic conquest of Arabia in 7th century. The UAE population is mostly Sunni (80% of Muslims). The rest are large Shiite minorities (20% population of the Muslim population).

Islam has influenced UAE culture it shows in their political system, their sense of dressing, their culture and traditions. Mosques are found across the emirates. You can spot a mosque anywhere from a small street to large street.

Sharia laws[change | change source]

The law in UAE is based on Sharia laws. There are both civil courts as well as Sharia Court. Flogging is the punishment for adultery, alcohol consumption lashes can range from 80 to 200. Stoning is form of capital punishment and is legal in UAE. Kissing is not allowed in public and punishable by law with imprisionment and lashes. Homosexuality is a criminal offence and is punishable by law. Apostasy, disrespecting and insulting Islam is a criminal offence in UAE. According to article 1 and article 33 of UAE penal code it is punishable by death sentence. Pork is considered haram in Islam and is forbidden by Muslims. However non-Musliim can eat it on his own will. Publicly eating and drinking during Ramadan from sunrise to sunset is illegal irrespective of the faith and violators shall face severe punishment. Everyone has right to practice their religion in UAE but they are not allowed to convert Muslim into their faith. However they can convert into Islam on their own will. Israeli citizens and Israeli visa holders are not allowed in UAE. This is due to the tensions between Israel and Arab World.