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Island Flyover is an air sport activity in Wii Sports Resort. It is a single-player activity. The user must fly a miniature aircraft around Wuhu Island and fly through "I" symbols. These "I" symbols are sightseeing points and collecting more of them will unlock prizes for the player.

There are 80 total possible sightseeing points to be collected. Some points are very obvious to find (i.e. the Maka Wuhu volcano, the Red Iron Bridge, the Queen Peach Cruise Liner, the Beaches, etc.) However, some points are extremely difficult to find and extremely difficult to collect. These points are usually inside narrow tunnels (i.e. Stillwater Grotto, Lava Tube Tunnel, Heart of Maka Wuhu, Sea Serpent Caverns, etc) or they are on top of objects that are moving (i.e. the Seaplane Team, the Whale Shark, Miguel's Guide Plane, etc.)

Once a user collects 10 points, they can pop balloons with their plane blaster that will count toward their activity record as well.

If a user visits Wedge Island, a small island across the ocean from Wuhu Island, additional points can be collected and such points are often worth greater rewards. Wedge Island is essentially a golf course with some small areas of forest and some small separate islands.

Once a user collects 20 points, they can play the activity at dusk. Once a user collects 40 points, they can play the activity at night. Once a user collects all 80 points, they are considered to have beat the game and they unlock a private vacation home on a small island next to Wuhu Island in order to congratulate their accomplishment.

The final reward in the game is the "Ballonantic" reward which requires that the user pop every single white balloon in the game. Approximately half of the total balloons are white, and there are over 10,000 total balloons, so this reward is quite difficult to obtain.