Isle Royale National Park

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Isle Royale National Park
IUCN category Ib (wilderness area)
Map showing the location of Isle Royale National Park
Location Keweenaw County, Michigan, USA
Nearest city Thunder Bay, Ontario
Coordinates 48°6′0″N 88°33′0″W / 48.10000°N 88.55000°W / 48.10000; -88.55000Coordinates: 48°6′0″N 88°33′0″W / 48.10000°N 88.55000°W / 48.10000; -88.55000
Area 571,790 acres (2,314 km2)
Established April 3, 1940
Visitors 15,973 (in 2007)
Governing body National Park Service

Isle Royale National Park is a wildlife reserve on more than 100 islands in northwest Lake Superior, in northern Michigan in the United States. This national park was opened in 1940. The wildlife includes moose, wolves and many kinds of birds.

One of the islands is called Isle Royale. It has an area of 229 square miles. Native Americans mined copper on this island in pre-Columbian times (before 1492). The mines can still be seen here.

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