Israel Hayom

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Israel Hayom
ישראל היום
TypeFree daily newspaper
PublisherMiriam Adelson
Editor-in-chiefOmer Lachmanovitch
General managerAmir Finkelstein
News editorUri Dagon
Sports editorOfri Amrami
Photo editorAmi Shooman
Launched30 July 2007; 16 years ago (2007-07-30)
Political alignmentCentre-right[1] to right-wing[2]
National liberalism
Headquarters2 Ha-Shlosha St., Tel Aviv
Circulation275,000 (as of 2017)[3]
  • 31%
  • (as of 2021)[4]
Sister newspapersMakor Rishon[5]
OCLC number234764640
Free online


Israel Hayom readers in Jerusalem.

Israel Hayom (Hebrew: יִשְׂרָאֵל הַיּוֹם, lit.'Israel Today') is an Israeli national Hebrew-language free daily newspaper. Distributed for free around Israel,[6] it is the country's most widely distributed newspaper.[7][2] Owned by the family of Sheldon Adelson, a personal friend and benefactor of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel Hayom has often been criticized for portraying Netanyahu in an overly positive light.[8] In turn, Netanyahu has been accused of attempting to benefit Adelson's investments.[9][10]

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The Israel Hayom headquarters in Tel Aviv.

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