Italian Canadians

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Italian Canadians
  • Italo-Canadiens
  • Italo-canadesi
Italy Canada
Total population
1,587,970 (total population)
236,635 (by birth)
1,351,335 (by ancestry)
2016 Census[1]
4.6% of Canada's population.
Regions with significant populations
Greater Toronto Area, Hamilton, Niagara Region, London, Guelph, Windsor, Ottawa–Gatineau, Barrie, Sault Ste. Marie, Greater Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Greater Montreal, Greater Vancouver
Roman Catholicism, Protestantism[source?]
Related ethnic groups
Italians, Italian Americans, Italian Argentines, Italian Brazilians, Italian Mexicans, Italian South Africans, Italian Australians, British Italian, Sicilian Americans, Corsican Americans

Italian Canadians comprise Canadians who have full or partial Italian heritage and Italians who migrated from Italy or reside in Canada.

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