Italian invasion of Albania

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Italian invasion of Albania
Date7-12 April 1939
Result Italian victory

Albania occupied by Italy

  • Albania becomes Italian Protectorate
Italy Italy Albania Albania
Commanders and leaders
Italy Alfredo Guzzoni Albania Zog I
10,000+ 5,000

The Italian Invasion of Albania was a military campaign by Fascist Italy to Occupy Albania. Benito Mussolini the Fascist Italian Dictator started the Plan and Began to Build up His Armies on the Italian Water Border.Albania was aware of the Invasion but did not Know when it would happen, Zog I the King of the Albanians ordered out his Armies in Defense in case. On April 7, Mussolini launched a Surprise Attack on the Albanian coast. A fleet of Italian Ships with Italian Troops Aboard were Ready and Prepared to Advance inland. The Italians then Attacked the Coast without any Warning. Only a Day after they Attacked they Already Controlled Much of Albania but continued to fight the Invasion ended on April 12, after Albania surrendered All of Albania was under Italian control by April 10 though.