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Nationalist flag of Tatarstan

The Party of Tatar National Independence İttifaq or Ittifak (Tatar: Cyrillic Татар милли бәйсезлек партиясе "Иттифак", Latin Tatar Milli Bäysezlek Partiäse "İttifaq", Russian: Татарская партия национальой независимости "Иттифак" ) is a political party, founded in the Tatar ASSR in April, 1990, and officially registered on January 3, 1992.[1] Ittifaq was the first non-communist party in Tatarstan. It is commonly referred to as a Tatar nationalist party. It was named in honour of Ittifaq al-Muslimin, a pre-revolutionary Muslim political party represented in the parliament (Duma) of the czarist Russia.

The goals, as claimed by the party, are:

  • revival of the Tatar nation
  • restoring Tatar statehood
  • recognition of the Tatar state as an international entity.

The permanent leader of the Ittifaq party is Fäwziä Bäyrämova. She has been leading the party for more than 20 years. The party published its own newspaper - Altın Urda - from 1993 to 1998.[2]

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