Ivan Vsevolozhsky

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Lyubov Vishnevskaya (left) and Marie Petipa (right) in costumes designed by Vsevolozhsky for The Sleeping Beauty

Prince Ivan Aleksandrovich Vsevolozhskii (Ivan Alexandrovich Vsevolozhsky; 2/14 April 1835—10/23 November 1909) was a Russian diplomat, theatre director, librettist, and designer. He served as Director of the Imperial Theatres for Saint Petersburg from 1886 to 1899. He commissioned Tchaikovsky to compose the ballets The Sleeping Beauty (1890) and The Nutcracker (1892). He wrote the libretti for both ballets with Marius Petipa. Vsevolozhsky designed costumes and scenery for 25 operas and ballets. In 1899, he was appointed Director of the Hermitage Museum. He remained in this post until his death in 1909.[1]

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