Izmailovo Kremlin

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Coordinates: 55°47′39″N 37°45′01″E / 55.79417°N 37.75028°E / 55.79417; 37.75028

Панорама кремля в Измайлово.jpg

The Izmailovo Kremlin (Кре́мль в Изма́йлово) is a cultural, commercial and entertainment complex in north-east of Moscow built in the years 1998-2007. It is a wooden building, stylized for Russian architecture. the complex have seven museums and exhibition grounds: the Museum of Russian Folk Toys, the Museum of the Founding of the Russian Navy, the Museum of the History of Russian Vodka, the Museum of Bread, the Museum of Chocolate, the Museum of Miniatures - "World History in Plasticine," the Moscow Museum of Animation, and also a exhibitions "Japan. Dolls, fairy tales, legends.

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