Iznasen (Morocco)

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Drapeau des Iznassen - At Iznassen - Beni Iznassen - Beni Snassen - Berbères Zénètes du nord-est du Maroc ⵉⵣⵏⴰⵙⵙⵏ.png
Total population
+ 500 000
• Zenati Berber
• Moroccan Arabic
• Others (diasporas)
• Islam
• Others (minoritary)
Related ethnic groups

Iznasen berber or Znasen berber or Tznast (Berber : ⵜⵣⵏⴰⵙⵙⵜ, Arabic : الزناتية زناسنية) is a zenati berber dialect of the tribe At Iznasen, established in the extreme north-east of Morocco in Berkane province and the north of Oujda province, before the border between Algeria and Morocco.

Beni Znassen region

Etymology[change | change source]

Znasen in the Berber Zenati language is the plural of "Znas" which is made up of "Zn", which means "to send" and "As", which means "the Day". Iznasen literally means "Those who send (during) the Day".

Territory[change | change source]

The Znasen territory represents majoritary an area bounded by the Moulouya river in the west, the Kiss river in the east and the Mediterranean Sea in the north.

The Znasen people is majoritary installed since more than 2 centuries in the Berkane province and the north of Oujda province.

Tribal composition[change | change source]

The tribe of Iznasen is made up of four main tribes :

  • At Khaled
    • At el Ġazi
    • Ahl Taġejirt
    • At Drar
  • At 'Atiq
    • Tġasrout
    • At 'Ali U Yassin
    • At Amiyer
    • At Hammad
    • Tazaghine
    • At Moussi La'tach
    • At Moussi Rwa
    • At Mimoun
    • At Bouya'la
  • At Ourimech
    • At Bou 'Abdoussayed
    • At 'Ali Chbab
    • At Abbou
    • Ahl Tagma
    • At Nouga
    • At Mahiou
  • At Menqouch
    • Labsara
    • At Khellouf
    • At Mimoun

Languages[change | change source]

The Iznasen tribe speaks Moroccan Arabic as well the Zenati Berber dialect.

Références[change | change source]