Jacob Bernoulli

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Jacob Bernoulli
Born(1654-12-27)27 December 1654
Died16 August 1705(1705-08-16) (aged 50)
Alma materUniversity of Basel
Known forBernoulli trial
Bernoulli number
Scientific career
InstitutionsUniversity of Basel
Doctoral advisorGottfried Leibniz
Doctoral studentsJohann Bernoulli
Jacob Hermann
Nicolaus I Bernoulli
Brother of Johann Bernoulli

Jacob Bernoulli (also known as James' or Jacques) (December 27, 1654 – August 16, 1705) was a Swiss mathematician. He mainly contributed to Analytic geometry, Probability theory, Variable calculus. Bernoulli's inequality which is often taught in high schools was named to honor him. Bernoulli, together with Newton and Leibniz, was considered the first ones who developed the Differential calculus and Integral but he researched deeper insights. His book on Probability Theory had not been published until 1713, 8 years after Bernoulli's death. He had a younger brother 12 years younger who was also a famous mathematician Johann Bernoulli. The Bernoulli family later had many talented mathematicians.

Jacob's parents compelled him to study philosophy and theology, which he greatly resented. He graduated from the University of Basel with a master's degree in philosophy in 1671 and a licentiate in theology in 1676.[1]

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