Jacques Gabriel

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Jacques Gabriel

Jacques Gabriel (1667–1767) was a French architect. He designed a lot of buildings in Paris.

Michelle Jacques Gabriel, is a designer, painter, architect and architect of the 17th and 18th centuries. He was one of the most prominent designers of the Versailless Palace in his lifetime. For his unique creativity and selflessness, he has always been attended by Louis XIV And eventually he became a trusted advisor to the king. He made important contributions to the king during his years of service, which is one of the most important works in the construction of the Versailles palace, which once served as the lobby of the fourteenth.

Michel had a mission to build the Versailles Palace throughout his life, he was also the first designer of the city's bridges in Paris. Interestingly, Gabriel's son (Ange Jacob Gabriel) continued his father's journey, and in this regard, like his father, completing the Versailles palace at the time of Louis 14 It has 15 significant roles. The Gabriel family is also home to the Cathedral of La Rochelle, the Royal Opera Royal Opera House and the Petit Trianon Palace, built on the palace of Versailles.