Jacques Lambinon

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Jacques Lambinon (born 28 September 1936 in Namur and died in Liège on 14 November 2015) was a Belgian botanist. He was a professor at the University of Liège and member of the Royal Academy of Sciences, Letters and Fine Arts of Belgium.

He is the main author of the New Flora of Belgium, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Northern France and neighbouring regions which is used by thousands of students.

He was a recognized specialist of:

  • Taxonomy of the vascular plants of Western Europe and the Mediterranean basin,
  • Nature conservation (especially problems of introduced and reintroduced plants), scientific popularization of botany, botanical nomenclature
  • Vegetation-entomofauna relationships (cecidology, co-evolution, pollination ...)
  • Mycology and lichenology,
  • Radioecology

Among his very numerous functions, we can mention his role in the direction of the herbarium (Vascular plants) of the University of Liege.

He was a member of many scientific committees such as the Flore de Corse or the National Botanical Conservatory of Bailleul.

He was editor, proofreader and relentless proofreader, he was editorial secretary of "Lejeunia, Revue de Botanique", secretary of the Society for the Exchange of Vascular Plants of Europe and the Mediterranean Basin and correspondent (since 1983) of the Med-Checklist editorial committee (Geneva & Berlin).

Works[change | change source]

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