Jafar (Disney)

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Jafar is an evil character in Disney's Aladdin movies. He is played by Jonathan Freeman in the 1992 movie and musical.

His life[change | change source]

Jafar was born in someplace of Arabia, most likely in the kingdom Agrabah. Because he was ugly and poor, he was not happy for many years. Once, Jafar found a baston that can hypnotize people. Jafar use it to brainwash the Sultan. He became Agrabah's vizier and moved into the palace. One day, at the market, Jafar met the parrot Iago and they became friends. The two planned to take the Sultan's treasure but they found something better: a magic lamp. Inside the lamp was a genie who granted wishes. Jafar use his first wish to become the Sultan. When the royal family refused to bow to him, Jafar made a wish to become a powerful wizard. Jafar took control of Agrabah and decided to decorate the palace. He painted the throne room red and filled it with gold. He also replaced the throne which was in the shape of an elephant into a throne shaped like a snake. Because of Jafar's bad luck, Aladdin defeated him and ended his plans for power. He returns in the sequel of the first Aladdin in Aladdin, Return of Jafar.