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Jagjit Singh (8 February 1941 — 10 October 2011) was an Indian singer. He was known as the "Ghazal King".[1] Ghazal is a classical type of song, dating back to ancient Persia.[2] It uses a special rhyming pattern and the words are written using a special pattern of stanzas.[2] The songs are always about love. Singh, and his wife Chitra Singh who is also a ghazal singer, achieved a lot of commercial success in the 1970's and 1980s.[3] He recorded more than 50 albums.[3]

The ghazal is very popular in Pakistan, and Singh was one of the few Indian singers to become a success in that country.[3] His music was described as "...gentle and soothing, and went to your heart."[3] Ghazal was once a classical, elite type of music and poetry. Singh was able to make ghazal popular by singing in many different languages, singing ghazal in movies and music videos.[1] He used modern technology and was the first ghazal singer to use multi-tracking.[1]

He died in Mumbai, after a stroke in 2011.

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