Jalaun district

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Jalaun district is a district of Uttar Pradesh, India. The district is named after the town of Jalaun, which was the former headquarters of a Maratha governor, but the administrative headquarters of the district is at Orai. Other major towns in the district are Konch, Kalpi, and Madhogarh,

Geography[change | change source]

Jalaun District is a part of the Jhansi Division. The district has an area of 4,565 km², and a population of 1,689,974 (2011 census), and a population density of 370 persons per km².

The district lies entirely within the level plains of Bundelkhand, north of the hill country, and is almost surrounded by the Yamuna River, which forms the northern boundary of the district, and its tributaries the Betwa, which forms the southern boundary of the district, and the Pahuj, which forms the western boundary. The central region thus enclosed is a dead level of cultivated land, almost destitute of trees, and dotted with villages. The southern portion presents an almost unbroken sheet of cultivation. The Non River flows through the centre of the district, which it drains by innumerable small ravines.

The districts of Etawah and Kanpur lie to the north across the Yamuna, while Hamirpur District lies to the east and southeast, Jhansi District lies to the southeast, and Bhind District of Madhya Pradesh lies to the west cross the Pahuj.

The district has been under severe drought for the last four years with the average rainfall being about 399 mm which is way behind the average of about 800 mm.